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Tap into the potential of an overlooked and undervalued

Individual policy owners, if you are reading this page there must be
some interest or curiosity in the what if I could sell my policy. How
much would I get? How does it really work? Who buys my policy?

These are really great questions. As a policy owner, you owe it to
yourself to explore these options and see if your current situation
falls under the general parameters of life settlements.
By calling Altruistic Life Settlements now, you are heading in the right
direction to finding the answers to those questions and more.

Regardless of what the real motivator is, life insurance and financial
needs change over time. Most people don’t think of their life
insurance as an asset. It assumes an invisible role in their portfolio
and at times is regarded as an expense that must be kept up.

A life settlement should always supersede considerations of
surrendering a policy or allowing it to lapse.

With the simplicity of the Life settlement process this opportunity may
ultimately provide you with 3-4 times the cash surrender value of the
policy, in a time frame of about 3-8 weeks.

Call us today, and let us here at Altruistic Life Settlements tap into
the financial potential of your overlooked and undervalued asset.