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About Us:

Altruistic Life Settlements LLC, was founded and has its
headquarters’ in the city of Palo Alto, California, the heart and
soul of the Silicon Valley. Here, we’ve found we are in the right
place, at the right time for a company with an altruistic mission.  In
this effort, with altruism as our focus, we will work with and for our
clients and partners, to get the highest returns possible on their
investments. Together we will succeed in recognizing new
opportunities that benefits all that our involved.

We protect your privacy

All medical or health-related information is protected under
federal HIPAA regulations.

At Altruistic Life Settlements, we’ve gone one step further and
implemented strict security procedures to ensure all our clients'
confidential information stays that way. Regardless, you should
make sure that the company you deal with has systems in place
to protect your confidentiality
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