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Altruistic -- Unselfish regard for the welfare of others.

Welcome to Altruistic Life Settlements LLC, one of the leading
companies at the leading edge of life settlements.

Regardless of the reason you find yourself here, please take the
time to investigate  the true benefit of a life settlement and how
this would affect you today.

For the individual policyholder whose needs have changed and
who is seeking a viable alternative to the sale of a traditional
asset (stocks, bonds, home etc,) the liquidity of a life settlement
allows for immediate cash through the sale of the policy. You can
use that cash  anyway you wish--even to purchase a smaller

For companies, large or small, don’t let that “key man” policy you
obtained for an executive, manager, employee or perhaps the
“buy sell “agreement structured on behalf of ownership, lapse,
once that purpose has been served. By understanding the unique
concept of life settlements you can take that overlooked but
undervalued asset and create significant liquidity, generating
hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Non-profits, charities and educational institutions. Life settlement
opportunities’ can create significant and immediate benefits for
both the recipient and the donor.

Investors, as a leader in settlement strategies we can offer you an
unbiased recommendation of investments for your personal

Tap the potential of an overlooked and undervalued asset

Mark Cairns, President and Founder
Altruistic Life Settlements
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